About Us

What initially started out as a thought quickly became an organization dedicated to serving the like minded people that come across it. The cosmos granted the founders the necessary resources to materialize Co$mic Pulverizer into being. As previously mentioned in our home page, we wont tell you why we are here, we just are. So long as we are here we will provide our users with functional and stylish products we highly believe will assist them in expressing their best selves in this cosmic journey we call life.


  • AUTHENTICITY: We aren't faking it - This is who we are
  • TRANSPARECY: The very essence of honesty - We tell it like it is
  • BOLDNESS: Daring to triumph - Every. Single. Day.
  • QUALITY: Outstanding service from sourcing to end user - Always
  • PASSION: Serving a higher purpose first - Building economic energy second
  • TEAMWORK: Because together we are one
  • CONTINUAL DEVELOPMENT:  To be better than we were yesterday
  • GRATITUDE: Our ultimate way of life